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The Australian address and postcode finder exists to provide the best postcode finding experience possible. We have a large number of individuals using our service on a one-off basis, but for those using the tool for business purposes, we recommend a business solution.

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What's Happened?

Your organisation has surpassed our daily limit of 50 address searches per day. Your limits will be reset in 24 hours and you will once again be able to use our tool. If you are using our tool for business purposes and require greater usage, we recommend exploring our solutions for business.

How can I get the postcode finder to work again? 

Your organisation limit will be reset in 24 hours and you will start with a new quota of 50 lookups. If you or your organisation requires more than 50 lookups per day, we have a number of solutions for businesses (below). 

  Why use the Postcode Finder?
checkmark-ico Validate addresses for delivery and home service
checkmark-ico Validate addresses for customer records
checkmark-ico Capture valid addresses at point of entry
checkmark-ico Enhance business operations with direct CRM or shop integration
checkmark-ico Form integration

Postcode Finder For Business

Postcode Finder Plans

Agile 500



Lookup 500 postcodes each month

Embed in your CRM (optional)

New Zealand Post certified

Trial Free

Agile 1000



Lookup 1,000 postcodes each month

Embed in your CRM (optional)

New Zealand Post certified

Trial Free


I've only made a few lookups. Why have I been blocked? 
Our Postcode Finder records organisation usage, not individual usage. We count the cumulative total of all lookups from your organisation. Once the total exceeds 50 lookups, all users from your organisation are stopped from using the tool until the next day.

Why is there a usage limit for the Postcode finder? 
The postcode finder is intended for individual usage. We place limits on the lookups used to prevent spam and overload on our system. If the operation of this tool is important for your business operation, we ask that you pay a small fee for unmetered usage.

Can the Postcode Finder functionality work within my CRM?
Certainly. By using one of our standard plans you gain access to our plugins, and through this, you can enable automatic address verification, or verification at the point of entry with address autocomplete. View our plans to find the best solution for your organisation. 

Why Use Postcode Finder?



Ensure verified data

Match and validate your data against a set of comprehensive and verified addresses from authoritative databases. 



Speed up operations

Simplify your address uploading process with our address verification APIs that validate large volumes of addresses within minutes.



Enjoy transparent pricing

Choose from a wide range of customised plans and pick the one most suited to your business requirements. 

“Easy to use”

“Anything that makes completing an on-line form easier has got to be good! Many of our long-term customers have commented that it's so much easier since we implemented Address Finder on our new website.”


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Food & Beverages, Operations Manager

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